During WACF’s Earth Day event in May, we focused on the Monarch butterfly with the help of Cindy Gackenheimer of Flutterby Gardens from Claypool and Kay Pylant from Leesburg.  We want to inform you of a few future events that are a must if you are serious about growing a garden that attracts pollinators.

Cindy will host her annual Butterfly Extravaganza on August 5, from 4-6 p.m.  She can be contacted at (574) 453-8390 for further details.  Kay will also host a number of “How to Save our Pollinators” sessions during June and July.  Kay can be contacted at (913) 638-6502.  You can find and watch short videos where Cindy and Kay discuss Monarchs on the Chautauqua Wawasee YouTube channel by pressing here.