Workshop: Gardening in the Face of a Changing Climate | February 8, 2020

Chautauqua-Wawasee, the Wawasee Area Conservancy Foundation and Syracuse-Wawasee Garden Club are jointly sponsoring a presentation, discussion and workshop focused on “Gardening in the Face of a Changing Climate”.

The workshop will be led by John Edgerton of Shelbyville, Michigan.  John has been doing small-scale farming for forty years, striving always to work in cooperation with nature.   In this workshop we plan to explore wholistic, resilient, sustainable techniques for gardening and small farming. We will look at the importance of healthy soil, healthy plants and helpful insect habitat. We will also want to think about variety selection and other ways to account for climate-related imbalances of diseases and insects. We will share what others in the bioregion are doing to address these issues. Finally, we want to think beyond our own personal garden: We will consider the importance of collaborating and cooperating in our wider communities to build on food security and justice.

When: February 8, 1:00 – 4:00

Where:  Oakwood Resort Inn, Syracuse, Indiana

Free to the Public.  No registration needed.