Upload Link for The Chautauqua Wawasee Family Fun Film Festival- August 5, 2023

Here is your chance to show us family fun and see yourself ON THE BIG SCREEN!   We are providing a permanent link to upload your fun family videos if you wish to be included in our film festival this year!  The Film Festival is a collection of personal phone videos of individuals, friends or family […]

Cliff Kindy Shares His Peacemaking Passion

Cliff Kindy shared stories of his non-violent peacemaking as part of the Christian Peacemaking Team (CPT) to an audience of about 50 people last Wednesday night at a Chautauqua Wawasee event held at Oakwood.   Cliff and other CPT members were in a Baghdad hotel at the start of the Second Gulf War. They hoped […]

Cliff Kindy explains Plowsharing the Tools of War

In Resurrection Peacemaking: Plowsharing the Tools of War, Cliff Kindy explains that nonviolence is most effective when it intentionally retakes the initiative from the actors of violence. The New Testament is full of tools to retake the initiative for peace. Paul invites us to overcome evil with good (Romans 12:21); and to feed our enemies […]