A study of trauma-informed ministry and compassionate care for children from hard places and situations.

What is Trauma???

Traumatic events include physical, psychological, and sexual abuse; terrorism and war; domestic violence; witnessing violence against others; accidents and natural disasters. They can result in serious stress and detrimental consequences for survivors and their families.

Chris Haughee has worked with children and teens for over 15 years. He has heard many stories, watched many decisions run their course, listened to many heartbreaks and learned many names. Now, as a chaplain to emotionally disturbed children with Intermountain Residential Services in Montana, he is fostering an atmosphere of love.”I walk forward in advocacy for children, I am walking with Jesus,” he says. “I am embraced by a love that transcends me.”

The children that have experienced trauma…grow up into adults, and if their trauma has never been addressed or dealt with, the consequences are even more devastating. Not just for them, but it affects their family as well.

This workshop is not just about children, but individuals of all ages, who have experienced some sort of trauma in their life…and how we should all be “trauma informed”, so we can better help them.